"Tape a Nickle to the Tone Arm"

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First of all, it’s a cover.
Second, I’m thinking I know how the band got it’s name. I live 2 miles from the towns of Palmyra and Delran.
It’s a Conway Twitty deal!



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Is there a market for stereophile nickels and tape?

I did a duck duck, and yes, the weight of coinage has been discussed. No need to reference that here. The weight and aerodynamic drag of the tape on the other hand…


I taped two pennies myself, back before I could just pony up for a sharper needle and became more picky about the quality of records I played.

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I came here to hear about the distortion it would cause, and it’s…not happening, just hopping multiple tracks sometimes? Yeah, that’s a fun song.

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