This handy turntable digitizes your records as they play


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My experience with inexpensive turntables is that the tone arms don’t track well; they skip and skate if there is any warp to the record at all.


You could use a penny to weigh it down.


Tried it–just made things worse.


Speakers not isolated from the table is about as bad a design as it gets. And putting a penny on the needle?! M’god people. That’s a quick way to wear down your record. I guess if you are digitizing it you might never play it again anyway. I don’t understand who this is for, really. If you are that uninformed about turntables your vinyl probably sounds like crap already, and who wants a recording of that?


This handy turntable digitizes your records as they play

I need a system that digitizes records without playing them. [/s]


PLEASE avoid this my dear BB vinyl collectors - it’s got a ceramic cartridge that doesn’t sound good and it will damage your record’s grooves. Either go find a nice turntable at Goodwill or buy a decent $99 entry level turntable with a magnetic cartridge like the Audio-Technica AT-LP60 - the key words being “magnetic cartridge”. The additional 30% you spend will yield a 200% improvement in fidelity too.

Trust me.


The tracking weight of this cheap-o turntable is already borderline damaging the record’s grooves. Adding a penny is the equivalent of playing your record with an ice pick.


Or a cactus needle.


If I finally break down and buy one, it will probably be from here:


I’m guessing this is for people who own LPs that have not yet been (and not likely to ever be) available on CDs or MP3, and who’d like to take their music with them.

I have more than a few obscure pipe organ LPs (publishers defunct) that would benefit from digitizing. That said, I wouldn’t risk spinning them on a 70 buck turntable (with its questionable cartridge). I’d simply opt for conversion software and use my Technics linear tracking turntable; still trying to find an appropriate replacement stylus, though!!


Here’s that Penny:





This Penny is best Penny.




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