Tax investigators and bill collectors use Rich Kids of Instagram to uncover oligarchs' hidden millions


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It’s not just rich people. After searching my posts on social media, the milk police seized the plastic crates that were holding up my TV.


Go, democracy. :smile_cat: Why not 100% estate tax? And get a job, rich kids.


What’s it called when a certain amount of currency/product etc is destroyed or lost from an economy to maintain value? Yeah, that’s more or less what happens when people aggregate wealth. It gets cut from the system and is considered lost until spent.

So what happens when scammers steal it? I’m curious.


I feel like I should have pity or sympathy for these poor rich people…but I just can’t. I’ll just cheer the scammers on.


How can anyone tell what’s in a stack of bills? It could be blank paper with a real bill on top.


“When she went on holiday, the hackers sent spoof invoices for private jets, luxury villas and shopping sprees to the family office, which paid out $900,000 before the crime was detected. “It was only when dad got cross about the size of the bills she was racking up that somebody thought to contact her and query it,” said Beckett.”

If they had kept the bill to under a half million, they would have gotten away with it!


I just KNEW he had more assets than his moniker implied.


Also from the linked article:

Another of Hall’s fraud cases involved the Russian chief executive and
major shareholder of a collapsed Russian bank. His lawyer argued that
the case should not be brought in the UK, as it was not his primary

This is an important point, because it opens the door wide open for me to say it a second time this week.

Putin on the Ritz.


It’s not just rich kids. There are always stories about robbers and drug dealers posing on Facebook with their loot. Did you know the cops have Facebook too?


“Sometimes, it’s not emotionally stunted, entitled children who spill the
beans: 50 Cent posted a photo of himself, posed with stacks of $100
bills spelling out the word “BROKE,” while going through a bankruptcy
proceeding in which he had claimed he had no money with which to pay his

I was expecting a counterexample following the colon.


I wasn’t expecting a colon following the colon.


Those meddling kids!


Glad I’m not the only one who thought these grotesque displays of conspicuous consumption on social media made for perfect target lists for modern day Robin Hood-style income redistribution. Even better that legal entities are using the information to good use as well.

Well, sometimes it’s not emotionally stunted, entitled children who spill the
beans, but,emotionally stunted, entitled _man-_children who spill the


My heart bleeds over the $900K in “vacation expenses”!

Thank goodness they won’t be punished twice by being forced to pay taxes

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