Taylor Swift sued for $42m over lyric "haters gonna hate, players gonna play"

He’s got a lot of attention and thousands of views of his video, so he’s already got what he wanted.

The legal response will refer to the case of Arkell vs. Pressdram. Or this one.

Oderint , dum et invios digito / monstratorem super optatum hyperlink aucti et deminuti crisply , ergo illum et dimittam

Let them hate, so long as they hover the finger/pointer over the desired hyperlink and depress crisply, then release


I’m no lawyer (just a librarian), but last I checked, copyright infringement requires the the work to be identical (not similar) to the original. You can copy the overall theme of a book, song, etc. all you want. I can write about a boy from Brooklyn who joins a Wizard school called Duckfeather and goes on adventures. It might not be original, but as long as I’m not copying the text of Harry Potter, I’m good to go. Now, if he trademarked “haters gonna hate”, that would be a different story.

If the law has changed, then I’m suing everyone who uses “Once Upon a Time” because I promise I invented it.


Well, if the Blurred Lines lawsuit is any indication, it is no longer required that one directly copy the original. If it “feels” enough like the original, then that appears to be enough.


Gladys Knight called, and she wants this guy off her Midnight Train to Georgia.

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If you trademarked “haters gonna hate” it still shouldn’t impact a song lyric. It might, however, affect a planned “Haters Gonna Hate” pitchforks, torches, tar and feathers retail outlet.


Which nonsense?
Do you not like nonsense?


back off


Oh, I had forgotten. Someone needs to take America’s laws away. It has shown it cannot handle them responsibly.


oh wouldn’t it be ironic if they sued Jesse Graham…

And then Alanis Morissette sues everyone.


What’s really funny about this is this.

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Adams’ cover album is a personal favorite of mine this year, despite the fact that I cannot stand Swift’s original. It probably depends on the style of music/singer you like, and I lean away from teen pop and more to Americana, and have been a Ryan Adams fan since his first solo album. My guess is that there isn’t a large overlap in the two artist’s listener populations, but I’m sure there are some that like both.

Haters gonna sue.

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Exactly what I thought!

Jesse Graham, what a wanker. I’m coining this expression and putting a creative commons license on it so everyone can say it, sing it and write it for free.

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