Taylor Swift Testinomy

Even though her music isn’t really to my taste, Taylor Swift is kind of my new hero for this…


I actually love that she countersued for a dollar! Nice!


Yes, because this establishes solidly that it isn’t about money, but boundaries. She doesn’t want damage, doesn’t need publicity and it helps show that his behaviour is unacceptable, and that women have a right (or ought to) to control access to their bodies.


I know! She’s said some problematic things when she was younger (about other women, etc), but she’s shown here to be really mature and thoughtful in this situation. I hope she wins!


Considering the amount of absolute bullshit she’s had to deal with (that male celebrities rarely if ever face) and the intelligence and maturity she’s shown despite being relatively young, I genuinely wish I could appreciate her music as much as I admire her character. Certainly she isn’t perfect, but she’s a role-model I wish more of her generation who’ve acquired wealth and power would emulate.


I’m not a fan of her music, but good for her.


I especially like the part where she just totally counters the lawyer’s questioning by saying she will not be made to feel like any of it is in any way her fault, that responsibility for the situation is clearly on the other guy’s shoulders. She just sticks it right back in their faces. This is how it should be. It should not be a subtext, implying that the powerful, rich, talented woman is somehow to blame for tanking this asshole’s career after he grabbed her butt. I mean, come on, that is some fucking thiiiiiccccccck bullshit right there and it was so good for her to call it out and jam it in their faces.


Agreed, it was very satisfying reading about her dunking on that sleazeball attorney and his creeper client.


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