Taylor Swift makes a payout to all Universal artists a clause in her new record deal


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I never thought much of Swift before this, but it looks like she’s finally growing up. first, by finally telling her Nazi fans to fuck off, and now this. It looks like she might be a decent human being after all.


My grandmother claimed to have known Ronald Reagan quite well in school. She didn’t dislike him, but sometime in the 70s or 80s she told me “he was a very nice young man, but not very bright.” Imagine a stout, dignified old lady shaking her head disappointedly.

Children are taught to venerate him by the US public school system, but luckily I caught on before mine were completely indoctrinated and was able to subvert the conditioning with the Power of History. Hmm, Amazon has a book about that!


Between this and her court testimony, I’m really starting to wish I liked her music.


That’s huge as well.


I wonder what made her realize that it wasn’t spotify that was the problem - for quite a while she publicly vilified spotify, despite that it’s obvious (for decades) that artists get screwed by labels (making “where are they now” on VH1 possible).

I was always bemused at how the labels essentially were able to brainwash so many artists into thinking that the reason they were getting screwed was ‘others’ - and wondered if some of those same tactics are what the Republicans have adopted.



I honestly don’t understand why you’d consider it sexist to label someone as immature… I could probably think of any number of other reasons to dislike such labels, but sexism seems a bit contrived.

Regardless, thank you for saying why you didn’t like it, instead of flagging! It’s hard to learn to speak appropriately without meaningful feedback.


It’s the implication in context of referring to an adult woman belatedly growing up. But I should have criticized in direct message or flagged it with a message that I don’t object to the comment, just that wording. And again, since I deleted my original reply, I don’t believe it was intentionally so, just an unfortunate choice of words.

I must concede that while I would like for that to be true, I’m not sure feedback has much effect most of the time on the internet. Perhaps that’s overly cynical of me.


Way to go Tay

Good Swift


I am not cognizant of this artiste’s oeuvre, however, I applaud her stance. You’re okay with my, Taylor Swift.


To all of you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Good for Taylor Swift, but this is like one of those feelgood stories about someone magically getting their cancer treatment paid for. It underlines how out of the ordinary it is for the status quo to not screw people over.


yeah yeah, good for her and all that, but she was looking out for her own interest - every big artist needs to take advantage of their leverage with the labels this way. The admiration begins when they do it over issues that don’t directly involve their own benefit. Lets see Swift leverage her contract for fair treatment of smaller artists who have no leverage.


Our high school had a mock election with no write-in lines or third parties.


If you vote for anyone else, you’re THROWING YOUR VOTE AWAY!


She did this and it benefits smaller artists than herself very directly. She could just have easily have requested that she gets paid her share direct and nonrecoupable. She instead used some of her bargaining leverage for the rest of the artists at the label.


I think it would have been very obviously self serving to bargain for her own compensation in this deal without arguing for the equal treatment for all artists. Lets see her argue for the smaller artists benefits in situations that do not affect her.


Since that’s the status quo, it’s unlikely anyone would have taken notice.

I get the whole Diogenes wandering around in the day with a lantern searching for an honest man in Athens ethic. Altruism is more heart-warming than enlightened self-interest and no one is obliged to revere Christopher Reeve or Freddie Mercury or Taylor Swift for fighting for a righteous cause that also benefits them or others in the situation they once occupied. But the practical reality is that most people learn to do good deeds because they or someone in their lives was or is personally effected by it. Experience combined with empathy is the most prolific moral instructor, most especially when it comes to worker solidarity.


blah blah blah - don’t over intellectualize it. I’m no diogenes. I bet Swift has her own recording studio and does not suffer the outrageous bill-backs from the labels. Where is her stand on that?

I get she did the right thing. But in this case the right thing was only as much as not doing the wrong thing. I don’t see her taking leadership here in fighting for better terms for her industry, and I just don’t see a basis for admiring her in this case.