Taylor Swift makes a payout to all Universal artists a clause in her new record deal

Because of the apparent impurity of her motives?

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Impurity? You think about these things in a weird way. Pure? Impure? I don’t see what you are talking about - pure of what? You are trying to suggest I’m taking some kind of moral high ground, and you are way off base. She did what any self-interested person with an ounce of self-awareness to avoid being a jack-ass would do. Nothing heroic, nothing to earn admiration.

You disagree, then tell me what was so exceptional about her decision. And try less casting judgements on me.

Heroes are for fiction. Admire is a strong word, but I’m glad she did the right thing in this case, hopes she and others with influence do more right things, and have no problem appreciating those actions to encourage them to, just as I’m happy to criticize they or anyone else’s actions when they do the wrong thing.

Eh? I’m sorry if that’s how it came across. I have no judgement of you one way or the other. All I know about you is that you’re a regular whose stances with which I more often than not agree.

I’m just questioning your opinion that she did it to avoid being, as you said, very obviously self serving, since that’s what the top earners in the industry have been doing all along to little to no declaim.

I brought up Diogenes because that seems like a Cynical (in the original philosophical sense and not in the sense of the modern colloquial insult) reading. I don’t mean that as an insult, Diogenes and the Cynics are among my favorite philosophers. And motive does matter. I’m just not sure we agree on Swift’s motive for this action.

It also seems as though women take more flak than men for perceived self-interest; and while I don’t think the criticism of self-interest is sexist, the overall social pattern is. To be clear, not accusing you of sexism. It’s a good example of how non-sexist individual actions can be part of an overall culture of sexism.


Or they fall into the role entirely by accident.

Many times being “a hero” is nothing more than doing the right thing at just the right moment, when no one else can or will.

That said, I’m not the target demographic for Swift’s music, (obvs); but I still respect what she’s doing with her elevated platform.




I don’t mean to be combative. I just felt that words were being put in my mouth.

Well thank you. To be clear, I’m not leveling criticism at Swift. I’m questioning everyone who is flagging this as exceptional behavior by her.


Boing’ers might be interested to know that a woman described often as Taylor Swift’s best friend (Karlie Kloss) recently married Jared Kushner’s brother Joshua. Swift did not go to the wedding…

I thought she did with this deal.
In the past she kept 1989 off Apple Music until conditions she felt unfair to smaller artists were changed. She’s always been pretty vocal about streaming being a shitty deal for smaller artists.


Ah - that may be. Admittedly I’ve never followed her music career.


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