Someone is angry about Taylor Swift's Vagina


And happy about Jesus…


Christianity clearly didn’t teach them the difference between a vagina and labia.

(and what the fuck did Taylor Swift ever do to that person?)


Maybe she wrote a song about someone that person liked?


Again with the psycho-bitch fake Xtian who thinks that the woman who murdered her own daughters was following “God’s will”?

Please stop giving that human leech any attention.


I’m not even sure what this person is babbling on about. The right and left … like the political spectrum? What? I mean, it’s possible that they’re trying to say their respective vulvas (or specifically, their labias - thank you @ficuswhisperer) … but even that’s kind of incomprehensible. I’m actually a bit concerned that this mope seems to know a lot more about her daughter’s genitals than is probably normal for her community.

(Yeah, I get the implications … that’s also showing a lot of ignorance about the way bodies work, so that really doesn’t help.)


Jesus told you that your daughter’s vulvae are ham sandwiches on white-bread rolls? Yikes… Don’t tell me what shapes you see in the clouds!


Gah. This is the first time I’ve heard of her. I’m sorry that I Googled her now. Yeah, I agree, she’s not worth the attention, although I guess that does explain why I couldn’t parse her thinking.


Didn’t know she was infamous! Good to know…


I saw this the other day. Didn’t realize it was the same lunatic.


Someone’s spending so much time thinking about their daughter’s crotch that they see it in sandwiches.

Ditto for Taylor Swift’s vuvla.


She’s not; I just remembered her name from the post about Christy Sheats where she defended the murderer and called her a “martyr.”

Fucking troll.



Welp, I was going to make a joke about Swiftlston…


So, errm…

Is it just me that thinks out of the two ham sangers, Taylor Swift is by far the tastiest but needs some mustard and salad.

So confused right now…

And hungry. Mostly hungry.

:v: Victory! :v:

I’m not a tabloid reader, but I have teenage daughters, and the accepted 411 on Taylor Swift is that at this point she is probably not a virgin, but was until within the last year or two. In other words, she has been more ‘chaste’ than most teenagers in the Bible Belt.

In case anyone needed an additional level of WTF to add to this baloney!

(See what I did there? :wink: )



Sidestepping with a tuba, FTW!


Y’know, that’s what I thought. Somehow I’d gotten the impression that one of the main reasons for her revolving door of boyfriends had something to do with a certain sexual frustration on their part.

Not that that’s anyone’s business, whether true or not.


Shamelessly swiped from @Papasan


I first read that as Clown Meat.



And the fact that it’s apparently “The reason I preach #Christianity” displays a truly creeptastic obsession with the states of people’s vaginas. I can think of several hundred better reasons (or at least excuses) for preaching Christianity than that one.

And none of those reasons are particularly good, either.