Taylor Swift used facial recognition tech at concerts to spy on stalkers

Kanye is black the last time I checked. Does he not fit your expectations of what a black man should be, white man?




Concert performers making bootleg videos of the audience? Now that’s a switch.


Hate to break it to you but many private businesses open to the public record your image in security cameras and you have no legal basis for objecting. Yeah it is creepy but not nearly as much as London where you can’t go out in public without the possibility of being identified/misidentified


Relax man.
I think that a good deal of orange rubbed off on Kanye when he adhered to the Nationalist in Chief views.
Also, it is not my photo that I used as an Avatar just one that I found funny. My skin is an undisclosed shade of brown. Anyway, would I be white as snow I still would be entitled to find the negation of the history of slavery disgusting and deserving of all the mockery that I can muster.

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I don’t blame anyone for having strong feelings about this one way or the other, but overall I think debating whether Ms. Swift in particular is in the right or wrong here is a waste of time.

Tech has made this practice possible, so it’s eventual deployment in service to the rich and powerful has been inevitable. In the near future, people you like will deploy this for reasons you approve of, and people you dislike will deploy it for reasons you disapprove of. At the moment it’s probably costly and uncommon, but before long every police car and traffic light may be hooked up to a system like this.

The question is: how do we cultivate a free and open society under these conditions?


Taylor Swift used facial recognition tech at concerts to spy on everybody at the Taylor Swift concert.

I’m not saying there’s no possible use case for this technology, or that this isn’t it if there is one, but let’s not forget that that’s how the machine works.

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reads through thread


look for potential ex-boyfriends to write mean songs about.

We should be wary of ANY use of mass surveillance.


By all becoming Juggalos?


So the concern is that a performer was taking pictures of her audience members? While I could understand that not everyone at the concert may be “out” as a Taylor Swift fan, don’t really think taking pictures of audiences is a new thing, and security tapes of an audience probably goes way back. I don’t really think studio audiences or concert films are a major curtailment of our privacy, and given that she’s not making public use of them, don’t see how they’d be one. If they were hacked, how would that be of more use to a hacker than someone hanging outside a concert and filming everyone coming in? The second approach is legal, the first could result in jail time.

NEXT WEEK: Executives of Swift’s management wonder out loud, “But how can we monentize it?”


the only problem with that is that they have to be aware of the use of the tech in order to make an informed decision. It sounds like that was not the case.

I must have missed that fact. Is that documented somewhere?

I call BS. No need to disclose your skin color if your comment wasn’t racist. But whatever. I really don’t want to contribute to the hate. I just don’t see why Kanye’s skin color can be the basis of a joke.

In the linked story?

Which also mentioned that this was at the Rose Bowl.

“But this example is worse, so your concern is not as serious as you think.”

Tech has made this practice possible, so it’s eventual deployment in service to the rich and powerful has been inevitable.

By your logic, widespread dissemination of knives makes it inevitable that the rich and powerful will use those knives to kill people. You’re also implying that this is a fait accompli, and we might as well just accept it.

Deadlier than knives would be a private police force. Look to the history of labor movements in the US, and there you go. Yes, the rich get away with slaughtering the poor if they can work up enough outrage.

I’m sorry if my comment sounded dismissive; I do not think we should “just accept it.” I think we should object. I’d like nothing more than to see the cameras neutralized in some way.

It absolutely is a fait accompli, though. This strikes me as only a tiny incremental change. As all the changes leading up to it have been.

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Good thing that the company Taylor Swift hired has pledged never to share their results with law enforcement, including ICE, right?

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