Ticketmaster finds a new way to be terrible: facial recognition!


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Finally, if when hackers breach the company’s system…



Teh sux.
Fortunately for me…


Facial recognition, absent apocalypse, will soon be commonplace. The learning curve my be bumpy.


Considering how well it works on my $1500 iPhone (that is to say, about 35% of the time) I expect it to be very bumpy


So, go to a concert, get in via facial recognition, have the police come visit you about thirty minutes into the event and ask if you’ll come have a chat with them…

Because they got a spurious hit that your face matched for someone for whom they have an outstanding arrest warrant.


Look, It’s easy. Don’t do illegal shit.

…or be a marginalized minority… or gay … or trans … or whatever new thing that officials get squicked out by.


or look, according to the algorithm, like any of those people… But that’s understandable, as everyone knows that [$outgroup] all look the same. Oh well, “mistakes” will happen, and if they arrest the wrong undesirable, no big deal.

Actual video of learning curve in action:


I don’t know if you are being snarky or misunderstood the issue at hand, where the cops mistake you, Mister Henry Buttle, for wanted terrorist Henry Tuttle.


Oh, but think of how great it would be, freed of the tyranny of bringing paper tickets, cell phones, or even RFID enabled scrip with us to the concert! Heck, we could go naked if we wanted to, and if our information sharing overlords decided to let us!


I’ve got a laptop that uses it and, modulo the issues it has with actually turning on the camera when it’s first turned on, it rarely* has a problem recognizing me. These systems won’t be running on phones.

* E.T.A.: By which i mean, less than 5% failure. Although, thinking about it now, that’s with good or goodish lighting, which could be a problem even in the entrance to some shows.


I’d say Ticketbastard is the devil, but that seems unfair to Satan. Those fuckers are such corrupt, venue-intimidating, performer-blackballing, advertiser-ball-fondling, customer-gouging, scalper-enabling parasites that even Hell’s subbasement would be too good for them. Their blood-sucking benighted souls deserve to be shelled from their rotting flesh by a million ravenous scarab beetles and plunged into an eternal loop of Bieber fever while staring forever lidless at Saddam Hussein and Dick Cheney’s coke-fueled naked twerking!




From the article

Facial recognition is far from perfect and still has issues recognizing PoCs, which could lead to some event attendees not being able to enter venues they were supposed to have instant access to.

This alone makes ticketmaster absolute assholes and could potentially lead to a situation where the line to use the conventional tickets is disproportionately dark-skinned while the “lights” stream past.


I would also like to know how this system handles heavy makeup.

If I’m going to see live music then there’s a good chance that I’m wearing full goth face. Concert goers may be wearing all manner of face paint or temp tattoos or heavy contour.

A Google search seems to tell me that it is indeed a concern.


Ok, that’s fine. But how do you really feel about them?


That shouldn’t be a problem for long. Once we’re all required to have QR or bar codes tattooed on our foreheads and uncovered at all times, the scanners’ success rate will go way up even with heavy makeup and face paint. :fearful:


Does Cradle of Filth support Ticketmaster?


Fake is shit. I shit on fake.


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