Interactive map of public facial recognition systems in America

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If I put a copyright symbol on my face can I sue anyone who takes a photo of me? Or is trademarking it better?


There is no likely means to combat a growing use of facial recognition systems in the States at the ‘receiving end’ - at least not on privately owned public venues. However, contemplate oh young entrepreneur the possibilities of combining stylish masks (think Venice Carnival) with smart-phone electronics. Haven’t we always sought a means to bring our electronics much more proximal to our head-holes? Thus i give thee the iMask - "Connectivity with Anonymity" (“It’s just they’re terribly comfortable. I think everyone will be wearing them in the future.”)


Wait, when did JFK relocate to Lower Manhattan?


Maybe more like an “Interactive Map-Shaped Infographic” than a map per se…


I bet a crate of bananas that DCA is using facial recog. Not on the list but, I’d be really very very surprised if is wasn’t.

DCA gets all the toys.


Tattoo a clickwrap style license agreement on your face. “Anyone taking a picture of me agrees to pay a non-refundable fee of $1000 per picture.” or something to that effect. [Maybe start off with a temporary tattoo, and if you choose to do this for real have a lawyer write up the final wording before going under the needle.]


I tried to think of something funny to say, but it all came out as 9/11 gauche. That spot is almost exactly where the copper bull is and the cool church that they made into a Crysis 3 map?

In any case, I’m glad that there’s nothing in Colorado (yet).

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facial recognition systems

I need that, at 60 you forget the guy that just gave you a beer, in like 10 seconds.


At nearly 50, I need it every morning when i look in the bathroom mirror.

ETA: Strange, the only FR in WA is some grocery store I never heard of that uses FR to unlock it’s doors for customers.

And… ICE scanning DL photos which is likely in every state that they can get away with it.


In metro Detroit we have this happening.

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I noticed they have a similar confusion about where San Francisco International Airport is, but it looks like they’ve done that with all the airports on the list - they’ve arbitrarily located them in the middle of the city connected to them. I’m guessing those are the default locations when the location is just given as that city. (Which really doesn’t work when the airport named for a city isn’t located there.) Inexplicably, however, other general locations like counties aren’t where the county seat/offices are, but nor were they located in the middle of the county. So something weird is going on.

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Beat facial recognition by becoming a Juggalo

Y’all are missing the fun way to foil facial recognition tech!

Arrested development: Cops dump Amazon’s facial-recognition API after struggling to make the thing work properly

Shouldn’t every street-facing Nest (Ring?) doorbell camera be on this list? (“Oh wow it recognized the batman face on my t-shirt lol”)
Every archiving surveillance camera where the archive will be re-evaluated at some point?
Every dashcam video on YouTube?
Every selfie taker who uploads pics with bystanders to Facebook?
Everybody who uploads other people’s images to FaceApp?
(I know, no. But the public space just got way more complicated.)

Yep. Apparently ICE can do anything it wants to anyone with mo oversight or consequences these days. Thanks Bush. The PATRIOT act keeps us all safer from foreign terrorism. Too bad absolutely nothing apparently can be done about the domestic ones.


To a real degree, facial recognition is just a subset of overall problem that with computers, there is no more anonymity in a crowd, and our laws haven’t caught up with that. License plate scanners that can can every license plate and keep a permanant record of everybody that has gone past them are here. Computers can look through huge databases and correlate addresses, phone numbeers, and CC purchase records to compile a striking record of you. These things used to be impractical and so they were unregulated. But now that there is no more hiding in a crowd, either linterally or figuratively, we are realizing that any time you are in public, or interact with a company even in a passive capacity, it really IS “in your permanant record.”

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But who will protect us from the Patriot Act?

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