Protestors use facial recognition to ID cops with hidden badges

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Oooh, this will be fun. Suddenly facial recognition will be unfair and illegal for any nonstate actors to use! How dare you identify us when we are obviously trying to be anonymous!


Good. Fuck the police. Anything that straightens out their bullshit routine is welcome with me.


Me likey!!! This is so great :grinning:

Sobering thought: 22 years ago, I was watching the news with my dad and the police were on TV announcing a drug bust. They showed footage of the beginnings of the police raid and they were all wearing masks. My dad started shaking his head and I asked why? He said “it never ends well once the police start to cover their faces”.

It took me a couple of weeks and a few history books to grasp the ramifications in that statement.


That photo heading the article isn’t such a good choice, though, as both those cops have clearly visible name tags.
Still, anyone with a pick-axe handle, baseball bat, or other similar object only has to smack them across the knuckles, ‘cos neither of them are wearing tactical gloves with armoured knuckles. Should distract them somewhat.

If you can’t beat 'em, join 'em!
Seriously, this made my day and I hope this takes off like gangbusters.

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Finally a good use for facial recognition.


If you can’t stand the heat of publicity stay out of the public kitchen.

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Similarly - if you have nothing to hide, why not let us see who you are?



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I keep reading this headline as prosecutors use facial recognition to ID cops with covered badges.

I must be running a fever.


Cool but sad that this much effort is the easy alternative to getting the law enforcers tofollow their laws and identify themselves.


They’ll just switch to balaclavas.

(Belgium, apparently)

Does this qualify for past-tense treatment?

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