TBD: A SkyMall catalog of the future


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Painful flashing image warning!

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The fact that this site does not display correctly (cut off on right) in a browser window that’s 1200px wide is deeply disappointing.

What are the unwritten standards for “the new internet?”

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By the middle of this century, more than 90% of the remaining human species will live in refugee camps. WHO EXACTLY is going to form the consumer base for these products after the Middle Class has been assassinated by the Invisible Hand of Hayek?


I’ll just leave this here:

Really now, mining hardware? Hasn’t it already been established that’s a dead end? Wouldn’t it be made redundant one way or another by the time the plane lands?

Of course, given that the utility of SkyMall products is already kind of questionable, perhaps that’s the perfect example of something you’d expect to find…

Love it, thanks for the link!

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I doubt there will be dead tree copies of the SkyMall publication on the planes of the future. There wouldn’t be a seat back pocket to put them in because the reclining chairs we’re familiar with will all have been replaced with bicycle seats you have to nearly stand to sit on. http://www.slate.com/blogs/moneybox/2014/07/22/airbus_plane_seat_patent_application_these_horrifying_seats_are_a_good_idea.html

I want the plasma rifle!

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