These standing airplane "seats" may be tomorrow's economy class


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I’d rather walk.




Perhaps I should ship myself in a box.


Didn’t work out so well for old Waldo:

But given this alternative mode of long distance transport… It’s worth the risk, maybe.



I’m actually for anything that improves the efficiency of flight travel. On a global scale it really is horrible for the environment.


They should close around the crotch and suspend from the ceiling like those baby-jumper things.


People seem to be very price sensitive when it comes to flying. Make these seats $1 cheaper than a full seat and they will be the first to sell out.


Carbon cap-and-trade would probably be a better answer to that, than torturing customers.


I’ve never understood this psychology, especially considering how many people buy $5+ Starbucks beverages (that are crap). Something tells me the way airfares are usually ranked by cost has something to do with this. If they were ranked (by default) by other factors, say customer satisfaction (unlikelihood of being dragged down the aisle when they overbook and want to toss you off a flight, for example) I bet it would affect the calculus fliers use when booking their fares.



Let me guess … United.


If you want the airplane standing seat for your cross-coast or intercontinental flight, go for it – Spirit is already halfway there (the seats don’t recline, and the seat tray is about 4" deep). I expect to hear that you will exclusively be flying Spirit for the rest of your days, now that you know this is an option. Looking forward to hearing all about the fun times you have!


I’d be totally into this for short flights. It’s about an hour flight between Toronto and Ottawa and maybe 15 minutes more to Montreal. I’ve stood for longer in the Pearson airport security line.


Some people line up to be treated badly, just not this one.


Sometimes the person doing the purchasing is not the same as the one doing the flying.

(Revenge fantasy, book travel for my boss at the lowest class possible, and claim that First Class was sold out, and that what was left to purchase. “Just be glad I got the last seat on the aircraft.”)


I buy those all the time, but I’ve made a lot of money off of Starbucks, so I don’t feel badly about it, my markup dwarfs theirs. :wink:


There are alternatives. I worked on the development of some biofuels for aviation back in 2006 and 7. Boeing and Virgin used it in tests that proved successful.