Teach STEM through space combat with these DIY drones

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2019/11/21/teach-stem-through-space-comba.html

Any reviews folks?

Is there a way we can get these over the pond in the UK?


How is this not a massive trademark violation? Disney’s lawyers are viewed as vicious for a reason, and this is so clearly all over the Star Wars trademarks/copyrights. Heck, the URL contains “X-wing”.


Not that I can find, but the other drone from the same manufacturer gets a whopping 3 stars in BoingBoing’s store.

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Hush. These are all your favourite ships and characters from Space Fight: A Refreshed Prospect.


Look, if there’s some guy named Ender teaching this, I’m totally not OK with this.

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We can compare the future letter over these to the MPL one and see what the full force of the dark side looks like.

I’d be even more amazed if the LEGO® lawyers didn’t get the C&D order in before the StarWars™ lawyers, as they are apparently even more litigious.

I believe that interoperability with LEGO was determined to be non-infringing. There are lots of kits that are made by third parties.

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