Teacher arrested after cutting off student's hair while singing national anthem


I suspect that you didn’t watch the whole thing. Later on in the video it shows her chasing after another student who is definitely not OK with it.


File under: Personal Data Set Too Small to Be Considered


I would like to remind everyone about this bit from the Community Guidelines:

Do not make assumptions as to anyone’s mental state, race, gender, ethnicity, religious beliefs, group affiliation or sexual orientation without corroboration.


I’d think that the the difference would have been that any aberrant behavior would have been caught on video with that settling any issue as to who was lying (I did not smack your kid in the face) and who was telling the truth (teacher smacked me in the face). I bring that scenario up based on my personal experience in parochial school.


You can’t let the little fuckers get to you, and if you do, you’d really better not let them see that they got to you, or you’re finished. I’ve seen it happen more than once. If you don’t have the temperament to be a teacher, you shouldn’t be doing it.


Good guy with scissors only beats bad guy with paper.

To beat bad guy with scissors you need good guy with a rock.


Was she called Miss Honey and lived in a tiny shack in the woods? Was the headmistress a former Olympic hammer-thrower?

I’m sorry but any teacher like that has to be balanced by a complete psycho in another class or subject. It’s a tradition or an old charter or something.


It was sarcasm, to caution us against the assumption that a mental breakdown is preferable scenario to political rage.


So then it was a violation of the community guidelines to post that and you’ll be taking that post down?


No, stop pretending to be stupid.


Whoa! I’ve had post moderated for simply suggesting someone may benefit from a medical evaluation due to behavior but it’s stupid for me to suggest that the community guidelines be applied to the entire community rather than the few we happen to disagree with?


You can’t break the rules.

We can caution against breaking the rules, even if doing so informally would implicitly break the rules.

To be unsarcastically clear: the suggestion of mental illness is no less problematic or worrisome than the assumption of political madness, so tread carefully.

From the rules:

  • Rules lawyering will fail.


Ah the irony of someone rules lawyering to defend their violation of community guidelines by warning against rules lawyering. Thanks Rob. I clearly see the hypocrisy in action now.


You got it!

From the rules:

Enforcement may be lax or draconian as befits the whims of the Entity.


Samson’s hair will regrow, I hope.


And, of course, teachers’ unions are great and are also there for the students, but her union will fight tooth and nail to keep her in the classroom.


Then it escalates to Spock and Lizards if you’re not careful.


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