Teacher says no phones during midterm exam, so student brings portable record player with headphones


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I love this teacher.


An inventive workaround; the student should get a bonus point for creativity.


A record player is the best possible format, really, seeing as how you can’t cut your own disks with, say, you reading the textbook aloud.

And if you think that is a stretch, I once caught a student who, given that the exam I was the invigilator for forbade everything except writing utensils and a water bottle, went to the trouble of forging the label of a popular brand of bottled water, except all the tiny text telling you it has no calories and the like was replaced with important equations he was supposed to know.

It’d be way easier to study, honestly, but you just can’t convince some people of that.


Kanye…? Him…?


Does the kobayashi maru have a record player?


I’d say the teacher wins, because I think the student was testing the limits, and failed to get a rise.


No (although I’m sure one could be made), but it does have a soundtrack :smiley:


Clearly it would have been better if it were Art Garfunkel or S&G.


Just sayin’


what, no Sound Burger? Amateur hour.


An elegant solution.

I don’t think there’s any “losing” in this scenario at all; which is a nice change of pace.

The student thought outside the box, but still acted within the limitations given and abided by the rules.

He or she was allowed to listen to music while taking the exam.

The teacher was not only cool about it, but he or she actively encouraged the behavior by sharing it online.

The student got an ‘A’ on the exam.

Everyone involved “won.”


$1,299.00 for 100


…that’s it, only original Edison phonographs are permitted in my classes.


And the student!


I guess kids these days don’t know about mp3 players.


The record player is also bulky. It would be quite trivial to conceal within an MP3 player or any other elaborate cheating device.

Indeed, compared to the potential possibilities of a record player, it would be challenging to adapt one of the tiny, three-button screenless ones for the purposes of cheating.


Lots of physics going on as that record needle slides through the grooves.


Even if you have an mp3 player that is bare bones, try convincing a teacher who sees “headphones connected to small electronic device” that it doesn’t have wifi access or the such.


Well obviously you do a full teardown of it before you let it in. :wink:

Not at all. Just shove a bunch of files on there and one of them just so happens to contain a full reading of the textbook, or probably, the salient bits.