Tech CEOs — Facebook, Amazon, Alphabet/Google, Apple— to testify before House Judiciary antitrust panel Monday, July 27

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"Mr Zuckerburg, are you or your company actively working to destroy small competitors, or not working in the interests of your customers?

“Of course not.”

“Welp, I think we’re done here then. Good afternoon everyone.”


And a bunch of the key players here own significant shares in each of these companies. Great.


“actively work to harm and eliminate smaller rivals, while not always making the best choices for their customers,”
Isn’t that the CEOs job to facilitate this?


At this point, anyone with a 401k…

ETA: It’s deeply ironic that Microsoft is the only one not on that list.


Just guessing on their testimony: “If the government were to interfere in our business in any way whatsoever, it will be the end of human life on earth.”

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Well, that’s not really a concern though. If it’s a 401k investment it’s spread across multiple entities in mutual funds…that’s fine as valuations aren’t driven that much by just one.

It’s that numerous members of the committee have direct share holdings of these entities. THAT is far more directly tied to their portfolio value. I forget where this was reported out, too lazy to find it.

Whose video conferencing software will they use?

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If I was running the show, I’d make everyone miserable by making them attend via SecondLife.

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How about Fortnite? They’re used to smashing things for loot.

Yeah, I noticed that, too. :rofl:

Hopefully NOT Zoom…

Where in the Constitution does it say I have to do this? If I’m running a business it seems that strip mining and indentured servitude are still part of non-tech business practices. When you don’t maximize profits for shareholders it seems that is almost treated like a criminal act.

I’m for reform, but I call shenanigans on highlighting one section of industry and not another.

Facebook’s customers are not the user’s of Facebook.

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