Facebook hit with massive antitrust lawsuits

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Good. They deserve it. I’d like to see more antitrust suits with real teeth and evidence, especially ones based around the assessments that the House Of Representatives made, be filed against Google, Amazon, and Apple.


I’d love to see Zuck forced to give up Instagram and Whatapp and be left with the moldering Facebook platform as the company’s main asset. Even better that he’d be barred from hoovering up whatever new hotness platform that the kids like before it became a real threat.


So which states/territories didn’t join the lawsuit?


The timing is fishy. I can’t trust any charges or lawsuits being made in this limbo period. What are the chances that the charges are weak, or ones that can be dismissed before Jan 21?


Alabama, South Dakota, Georgia, and South Carolina didn’t take part. Guam and D.C. did


From what I’ve seen of business in (eastern) GA, having the inside track, dominating a market, and taking full advantage is widely admired. Bonus if you keep your business primarily with your cronies and squeeze out the outsiders.


I know it’s small potatoes compared to Whatsapp and Instagram, but I would love for the feds to pry Oculus out of their filthy hands. A couple months back they made Facebook accounts mandatory for all Oculus VR headsets. Illegal tying anyone?


And that’s why you won’t find one of those in our house. FB is banned here (except for our dog’s account, which my wife uses to keep track of certain groups that refuse to get off FB). But she’s into Insta, so what can we do? Hope for a split, that’s what!


Yeah, me too, but these cases take years and years, and a massive effort in litigation, and right now we’ve got this gigantic deficit eating a hole in everything. So while I’m glad the lawsuits have been filed, I don’t have a lot of hope in terms of resolution.


As I understand it, this all started from the NYAG office and the other states and the Fed joined in. The Federal government is massive and pursues charges from numerous agencies not requiring the oversight of Bill Barr, even within DOJ.


Thanks! And glad DC is part of it.

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Why, yes, Zuck, this is “unprecedented”. Aren’t you all about “moving fast and breaking things”? And given that FB has provided a platform for Holocaust deniers and neo-Nazis, maybe you shouldn’t be so quick to accuse others of promoting “revisionist history”.


Sounds like the GOP is fishing for “donations” for 2022 and 2024

Just roll a burner FB account. I must have made tens of them for things that required it.

Yes! I bought a Quest 1 and the promise was that you wouldn’t need a Facebook account to use it. Now they changed their minds and made it mandatory. But I’m grandfathered in so I can keep using my headset for another two years before I’m required to merge my Oculus account with Facebook. By that time I’ll have jumped ship for a competitor’s headset. I no longer spend any money in the Oculus store either.

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Only problem with that is if they catch you they can ban your account and you lose access to all the games you paid good money for.

I’ve noped out of any service or product that required a FB account. The good news is that the companies not owned by FB tend to recognise how loathed that toxic company is and eventually allow non-FB logins (I’m thinking of Tindr and Bumble, but I’m sure there are others). I’d further guess that the dating apps know that limiting themselves to FB means they’re missing out on a lot of younger users who wouldn’t be caught with an account there.


Just a clean fb account. Anything is possible but very unlikely. If they did kill your games then a chargeback or small claims could help resolve. Better than the privacy exposure. Hell, my Mavic requires all kinds of accounts, not only are they not real but the phone I fly it with is a burner too.

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