Tim "Net Neutrality" Wu on the case for breaking up Facebook

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So… maybe break them into seven regional FOCs (Face Operating Companies). Of course the press would start calling them Baby Faces.

Face Atlantic
Face South


What about AboutFaceBook?


I’m sorry to even ask, but what’s that black O logo in the right corner? I’ve never seen it before…

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I didn’t recognise it either. It is one of Facebook’s acquisitions from 2014

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Thanks! I’ve heard about Oculus a lot, but somehow I’ve never seen their logo.


Consolidton continues in many industries, making it harder and harder for people to start new businesses or to keep existing multigeneratonal family businesses viable. The era when antitrust enforcement only looks at consumer prices and nothing else is soon coming to a close, but until then more damage will be done.

I’d rather just break Facebook. Period. [damn, I am so sad that my spell check recognizes ‘Facebook’ as a legitimate word]

When most people hear “break up Facebook,” they think of something a lot more drastic than splitting off instagram and whatsapp.

I think part of the issue people have with the idea of the stronger one is, nobody needs to used FB or Twitter. In fact, most people would be better off not using them. You could argue for a necessity for a search engine, but you can change your default search engine to any of several alternatives in a few seconds, so when people use Google, it’s because they want to. In particular, I’m thinking of companies like Yelp and scammy shopping search engines who are accusing google of anticompetitive behavior for not ranking them higher. They aren’t ranked higher because they’re shitty scams, and the reason people use Google is because it shows them what they want to see, rather than some shitty scam.

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