Tech Review's annual science fiction issue, edited by Bruce Sterling, featuring William Gibson

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I suspect I’ll have to buy this.

I love the retro cover and font. Makes me want to flip to the back to see if there’s ads for hernia trusses, radio repair courses by mail, and the Rosicrucians.

I hope they got permission to use that image on the cover.

Would it really have been so difficult to get something original?


“Plus: The Art of John Schoenherr”

Yeah, they probably got permission. :slight_smile:

I don’t see how it really fits with the theme, though. Yeah, Dune is set in the future, but it’s more of an allegory than a “vision of tomorrow.”

eh, I thought MIT was evil? They helped kill Aaron Swartz, no? Don’t these writers know about him and MIT’s role in his death?

I guess we all get co-opted by the system in the end. :frowning:

Science fiction inspired by today’s new technologies

It’s about time SF writers gave that a shot!

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