Ted Chiang's "Op Ed From the Future": socialized transhumanism vs American oligarchy

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2019/06/03/rags-to-rags.html

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Great googly moogly! He’s got a new anthology out!?

49 holds on 4 copies at my library. Good thing I’ve got lots more to read in the meantime.

I went looking because this sounded reminiscent of “Liking What You See: A Documentary” from his last anthology, exploring a world in which it is possible to overcome the natural human prejudice for those who are aesthetically pleasing.

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Arrgg! (stock) image of DNA with wrong handed helical twist (left-handed instead of right-handed) it makes the old biochemists’ eyes bleed, it does. Quick-quick! flop the photo back!


it’s because sociopathy is a reliable wealth-accumulation strategy. Equalizing access to genetic advantages won’t solve that.

Unless it’s equal access to genetic sociopathy. That’s the only real solution.

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Genetically engineered intelligence will allow the Poors to come up with better rationalizations for why they’re poor and stupid but brutal oligarchs really should run everything.


Splendid. Another rh-twister has just outed himself. The authorities have been informed. Expect company.

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