Bruce Sterling: "From Beyond the Coming Age of Networked Matter," a short story

Beyond the Coming Age of Networked Matter By Bruce Sterling “Mutation Machine” by Daniel Martin Diaz Introduction In 2013 at Institute for the Future, the non-profit forecasting thinktank where I’m a researcher, we explored what we’re calling the Coming Age of Networked Matter. Over the next few decades, a confluence of breakthroughs in physics, engineering,… READ THE REST

Reminds me of a cyberpunk Borges’ “The Aleph”.

This story has a lifespan of two minutes. Gone.

Excellent riff on the original! I missed the connection to The Aleph but once mentioned, it’s impossible not to see it. Also, the bees remind me of the many interesting connections between HPL and another, more steampunky cultural touchstone…

Wow, that was getting a bit like Francis E. Dec there at one point. :slight_smile:

Very a la mode.

I love this piece! I’m looking forward to reading the part of the project from @doctorow too. This whole project sounds great.

I noticed a strange typo/artifact in the story, but I can’t find a place to submit it to boingboing (and I don’t want to call them out on Twitter)

See this:
(it’s a little more than half way through the story)

He doubled up choking with despair, and I had to pound his 86 AN AURA

shoulder blades. I was lucky that as an industry promoter and
marketing guy I’d never really grasped code. I couldn’t take this half
as hard as he did.

I thought that was deliberate.

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I should have been more clear. It’s not a typo, so much as an artifact of pagination, or converting from one format to another. I think there’s just an extra line break (between “FAMILIARITY” and “shoulder blades”).

While finishing the story I found a couple more pagination goofs like this, which I suspect are from the conversion (or copy/paste) process.

I hate for this to be my first comment on this new (really cool) system.

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The dark sector away from our brane is scale-free, which is why tracing the patterns of the Shipman manifold opens the gate to hyperspace, no matter whether your device is large or small. You can even do it just by pounding your 86.

I first thought the extra line-breaks were intentional, referring to digital glitches. And then I googled “86 AN AURA OF FAMILIARITY”

It has a certain ring to it…

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