Blogging History: By His Things Will You Know Him; Crashed botnet prices; State of Wireless London


I’m sorry but this means absolutly nothing as far as I can tell:
"By His Things Will You Know Him: A sad story about the Internet of Things, written for the Institute for the Future’s “Coming Age of Networked Matter”.

Any help?

Click this link ->

It was written by Cory for the Institute for the Future’s research study “The Coming Age of Networked Matter” which explores the possible future of the Internet of Things.
It’s a story and it’s sad. It’s called “By His Things You Shall Know Him”.

(No patronising intended, the above was just the simplest way I could break it down for you. And yes, Capt. Obvious is a close personal friend of mine. )

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Thanks. I was sincerely asking, and appreciate your reply. :smile:

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