Teen Bo$$: a magazine advising tweens on how to get rich by being "social media brands"

so instead of going down to the cafe for a coffee clatch old guys now are on BB discussing what the whippersnappers are up to? …is that in context?

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i have a mixed bag of feelings on the whole streamer thing, some are passionate about a topic and post thing of interest to them (either as a day job or hobby) Others to socialize with friends. (I know a few creative types that stream art projects and the like, more of a chill hang out vibe/hobby) lastly comes the attention whores and you don’t need the internet for that, i’m sure we all had that one person at school who would eat anything for a quarter.

But thanks to the magic of the internet, now you can find millions of people willing to give you a quarter…


At least this magazine is telling young girls that they can be a boss (sorry, bo$$) if they want to. It’s not perfect but it’s a start.

The guy writes young adult novels for a living, give him a break.

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“Be yourself” is not good advice for the vast majority of teenagers I have ever known, most of all myself.


Capitalist bootlicker: “My lord! Millennials have abandoned us! No matter what we do they refuse to show any interest in the stock market! They won’t stop talking about Bernie Sanders, the student loan debt we’ve saddled them with, and fixing our woefully inadequate and expensive healthcare system! What do we do?”

Capitalism: “The Millennials are a lost cause. We cut our losses. Indoctrinate their youngest siblings.”


Reminds me of this campaign from Skechers from a while back:

HuffPost article on it.

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Where the crows tell the magpies how black the ravens are…


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I withdraw the objection.

I guess this in some ways no different than Inc magazine for kids. But at least Inc doesn’t make it sound like it’s so easy to be an entrepreneur, because it isn’t. And make sure they know it’s evil to buy followers, Likes, and RTs while you are at it.

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