Teen Bo$$: a magazine advising tweens on how to get rich by being "social media brands"


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In most contexts, this would be considered creepy.


What I’ve learned from these covers is to be a “Teen BO$$”, you need to be talented (at least I know Jojo is), work hard, and be a good salesperson. It also helps to be white, thin, and pretty.

So, the usual.


Also in this context.


I started wondering if this was a step up from other magazines.

But then, haven’t most magazines always been kind of icky?


At first glance, I thought this was the work of Liartown USA.


A publication telling people how to Get Rich Quick? What a novel and inspiring genre! This feels like a middle class white (at least from the cover designs) version of hoop dreams (the concept, not the movie) tell all the kids that a things that looks easy to do and is fun anyway should be their long-term goal, despite success being a rare long-shot.


Our boys’ (14 and 16) heroes are the youtubers making $$ from crappy (often vertical) videos. They watch with quiet awe as yet another pair of “rare” sneakers is unboxed. And videos of people hurting themselves.


The entire Gen Z to the publisher: What’s a magazine?


Late Stage Capitalism (by which I mean the phenomenon as well as the New Yorker alternate caption in regard to the publisher of this abomination).


The context here may be akin to critical examination of some deadly bacteria under a microscope.


“In our next issue…that ‘Four Horseladies Of The Apocalypse’ makeover we’ve all been waiting for AND how to monetize it by customizing your My Little Pony figures”.


Back in the old century, all you got was homework to be the BOSS…


Some of them were OK


(Jinty was science fiction stories aimed at girls, by some of the 2000AD writers and artists.)


Yet another example of “In a gold rush, the most money is made by selling shovels”.


Trying to decide if I should be inspired or nauseated. :thinking:



It’s super-duper easy to be a Bo$$ Influencer when you have eyes that say to your enemies: work with me or you die!!!



I’m not going to lie, i secretly want to prank my office with a subscription to this. i know some hilarious discussions would ensue.


Check your airline points. Most carriers let you buy subscriptions for relatively small amounts, a flight or two will get you enough.

I had a friend who signed his (white, male) collegue up for ebony and cosmo after taking a few surveys from United Airlines