Teens think Vice is almost as cool as People Magazine


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This makes me feel oddly pleased about doing most of my recent clothes shopping at Uniqlo. Although I hardly think they’re obscure.

I can’t believe anyone thinks YouTube is cool.


TigerBeat > People Magazine



Google is cool?


It seems Under Armor is “more aware” than In-N-Out.
I have often thought that.


Aware of what? Are we sure the y-axis isn’t just a mispelling of “beware”?


I must be getting old. How can anything that is a brand be cool?


Didn’t you hear? Kids today are cool with brands! It’s a brave new, pro-corporate world, my friend. The old rebellions do not apply, apparently.


My friend, you just look and see for yourself.



Can I have the crosstabs with the demographics? In what world do the teens all think Starbucks is “cool?” Or Nest? Or that Chrome is one of the top ten coolest things?

Can we at least get a survey of the cool kids about what they think is cool?


Don’t knock it until you try it!

(disclaimer, I have actually branded myself)


Lol. This makes perfect sense tho. Vice sells itself on being “cool” but in reality its a try-hard rag co-founded by this alt-right doofus:


Now that I can understand. Not agree with mind you and certainly not do or have it done to myself. And I wouldn’t personally call it cool, but I can agree that it is a candidate for the honour.
Not going to knock it, not going to do it either. Well not on purpose, the brand on my inner wrist comes from some careless bread making about six weeks ago!


It sounds like he left nearly ten years ago, and I don’t see any evidence of his politics in Vice’s news content. Flipping through, all Trump articles are negative, they refer to “anti-choice” people instead of “pro-life,” they report about climate change, etc etc.

I mean, everything in that graph is a corporation that (wants to) sell itself as “cool,” but I would think most of the things on that list are decidedly un-cooler.


The graphics in this report?

Not cool.

We’re talking Vice levels of uncoolness.


Whoa. Easy, tiger!


Like everything about teens and what they think, this is entirely about adults and what they think teens should think.

Teenagers themselves are just children, except with insecurities and obsessions that make them even less able to make independent fashion choices. The mythological capital-T Teenagers we idealise are in fact unrealistically sexy, confident 20somethings scripted by youth-obsessed grey-bearded pervs.


Everyone hates TMZ… except Trump


I think it pretty much shows how marketing, advertising, and cult of personality affects teens.