Tumblr wants your opinion, unless you're 50+


From Tumblr Today:

That’s right. We’re hoping you have a sec to answer eight questions about brands on Tumblr. It’ll be fun.

Question 1:

If you are 50+ then Question 2 is:

Thank you for your time. Please close your browser window.

Could you people help me out here and translate that for me?

My wife thought it meant double hockey sticks.


I think this means they’re as bad at designing surveys as they are at designing user interfaces.

And they don’t want your opinion unless you’re in one of their marketing segments.


Where’s the fun part Tumblr?

No phony questions to at least make me feel useful?

No explanation -Thanks for starting our Survey - this study is to profile younger users, but thanks for your time and for using Tumblr

But they give me: Please close your browser window.

… and don’t let the browser door hit you in the ass on your way out.

… for you 50+ some instructions - just close the browser window, you don’t have to quit your browser, or turn your computer off, or get a new computer. Thats good, see you’re good with computers.


Tumblr [The world] wants your opinion, unless you’re 50+. :older_man::rage:

And I still have so many opinions to give.:disappointed:


Hang on, the world is run by 50+ people, without a damn given for anyone younger, other than how best to exploit them.


I’ve been kicked out by surveys for several reasons. Don’t take it personally, they’re just narrowing the sample.


I hear young people are full of valuable nutrients!


They don’t give a damn for anyone of any age except to exploit them.


I doubt Tumblr will still exist when I’m 50.


I’m 43 and I don’t want to have to fiddle with a new blog platform. I just got mine the way I like it.

Sure, Tumblr is terrible, but it’s my terrible.[quote=“lava, post:1, topic:88387”]
Question 1:

Wait … what if you’re between 40-50?


Like me?


I guess we don’t even exist in their opinion; which is yet another reason why I won’t mind if they don’t exist in 8.5 years.


No. I do not have a “sec”. Not one.



Forgive my ignorance (maybe)…but what is that?


saucisson sec


Okay. Thanks. I learned somethin’ today.


Then you’re not even worth a gratuitous insult. :grinning:



Means they think anyone over 50 are big dumb heads.

glad I dropped them.


I wonder if the omission was just a typo in the OP here? :thinking:

(I mean, I’m noticing that the age-groupings aren’t presented as a quote of Tumblr…)


No - thats how they were presented in the survey - with check boxes - it defied simple cut and paste. 50+ was the highest choice, and triggered the “trap-door” dropped you on a slide that exited the ride.