Teen boy dies while working at Wisconsin sawmill

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Puns are tempting, but damn, that really sucks.

Screw the GOP and its twisted efforts to bring back child slavery labor.


Yikes! IIRC, Johnny Cash’s older brother died in a saw mill as a teen. Really shouldn’t be happening at all this day and age. :confused:


Dorothea Lange


Somehow this skirts the union rules by hiring undocumented non-union labor “under the table?”

Nothing is going to change until there are real consequences (fines ~50% of board’s annual combined salary and jail time) for the C-suite for this nonsense.


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This is one of those circumstances where some might say “Nothing’s going to change until someone dies” but in this situation i doubt much would change on the GOP side. They don’t care if people die, if anything they’re probably counting on it.


There’s a labor shortage in the U.S., and yet adult workers who can’t find jobs in Central America aren’t allowed to immigrate to America to fill jobs here. But children who trek thousands of miles without a parent or guardian to the U.S. border are allowed in, but are then put to work in jobs, often brutal and dangerous ones. Alongside American children whose families are so poor they must take illegal jobs, or jobs made newly legal by loosened rules.

Emphasis on the first phrase in this paragraph. The main problem that all of this circles back to is because US businesses don’t want to pay a living wage, so they can prop up CEOs and shareholders that don’t deserve their level of pay in any way whatsoever. :man_shrugging:

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Here you go:

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