Trump's Labor Department is planning a rollback of teen labor laws, allowing kids to work in "hazardous" jobs


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If it was good enough for the Victorians…


Makes sense. They’re separating children from their parents at the border, and they want to be sure the kids can pay for room and board.


Let me guess… either this is a rollback of a specific Obama-era law OR something that various industries lobbied Trump to do? reads article Yep!!


I just… I don’t know how anyone can do this and not realise they’re the villain.

“And what was your contribution to the laws of our nation?”
“I made sure that children could operate dangerous machinery!”
“… I … thought they could … pull themselves up by their bootstraps?”
“After losing their feet?”


Oh come on, such hyperbole. Many workers survive these jobs and go on to retire in poverty. They’re not the corpse factories you’re making them out to be. See - only 70 kids “lost” per year. That’s not so bad.


He’s gotta’ find new cheap coal miners somehow.


Would anyone care to guess how the median albedo of “lost” kids will compare to national numbers?


Wow, where does his son Barron fit into all of this?


It’s like someone told him that child labor laws were Socialist, and he didn’t bother to google how that word is used in the US versus everywhere else.


The GOP has been pushing this for a while now, under the guise of “empowerment” and “building a work ethic”:

Not that they’re monsters. They’ll feed their little human resources:


Ok im not sure if you his is a poes law situation … Anyway ‘kids lost’ is in my understanding Teens that died on the job. There is no mention of injuries or permanen disabilities inflicted by this machinery that would be significantly higher (i guess)


Because hey, why the fuck not.

Sprinting towards neofeudalism is the name of the game. And you can’t have genuine neofeudalism without proper Dickensian conditions.


When Republicans talk about empowerment, you always need to ask “Whose?”

Actually, it’s a good question to ask whenever anyone in power talks about it, but the Republican party are not even trying to pretend that they are not evil.


There’s somebody on hand to just feed the rest of the body to the machine/process/vat of acid. We can’t allow any of those useless fleshbags to continue sucking up welfare, can we?


Actually this story made me wonder – all of Trump’s cabinet members have been intentionally (as he intended) making garbage fires of their departments, but the one I haven’t heard anything from is the Small Business Administration, led by the former co-owner of the World Wrestling Federation, of which our President is a Hall of Fame member. I wonder if she’s working on some neofeudalist BS as well?


Yes, lost means dead. I was engaging in irony, which does not always work on this internet.


To your credit I thought, “many survive to retire in poverty” was a good enough tell.

These are dark days for the sarcastic, and I encourage you to continue the good fight.


Trump’s Labor Dept: “Kids are going to bring coal come back y’all!”


Down a chimney?