Republicans and Trump kill anti-wage-theft rule, will funnel your taxes to companies that rob and endanger workers


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But, but, how else can we provide lowest cost estimates for government contracts without slave labor, denial of health care, dangerous works sites, polluting the environment, etc…? /s


Aw, there’s goes Trump again, putting American workers first!
First for what, though, I’m not sure…


First to be Last behind his cronies.


I’m convinced Trump is sitting on a big chunk of real estate in Manhattan’s Garment District just waiting for when he can repeal child labor laws.


Child labor is more in Betsy DeVos’ wheelhouse. Literally - the “Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty,” on whose board she served for a number of years (and which she funded) was calling for the repeal of child labor laws. (“Bring Back Child Labor: Work is a Gift Our Kids Can Handle")
Though I suspect Trump and his kids are already making use of child labor for their products - overseas.



I think I just broke the button on my mouse, I clicked on the heart so hard.

I assume you’re familiar with the work of the group producing “Benefit fraud? I’m more concerned with corporate fraud!” material in the UK.

(apologies for the FB link :frowning: )



Is there a better definition of fascism – a state that does this? (Not to mention the ever growing restrictions on the right to vote and military bases in over one hundred nations – and more?)


you are so right akimbo i can’t wait to see our kids put in shackles to grind meal all day so heavens appointed heirs can lavish in decadence …ps “heavens appointed heirs” (band name)


I want to live somewhere where the people who did this are not smiling for the camera and congratulating themselves; rather they are hiding their faces out of shame and fear for their lives.


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