Trump's properties routinely employed (and abused) undocumented Latinx workers, including dozens from a single Costa Rican town


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Amy Klobuchar legendarily abusive to staff

Pipelines good, caravans evil. Got it.






The failing Washington Post is revealing Trump’s labour practices?

I’m sure it’s just coincidental that AMI were trying to blackmail Bezos earlier this week.

The only question is did AMI do it before or after the journalists at the Washington Post asked Trump’s family for comment?




Undocumented and abused Poles built Trump Tower.
Everyone has known this since forever, I thought.


A half century of his abusing undocumented workers.


What about convoys?


I dunno, rubber ducks driving trucks and talking to Big Ben, and bears in the air, they sound like they’re all on drugs.


I can’t wait for that reprehensible muthafucka to finally get his comeuppance.


I remember watching that movie when I was about 11 and thinking ‘cool’.

I also remember watching it when I was 25 or so and thinking ‘What a fucking stupid movie’. Ditto most of the other ‘big rig CB radio’ movies. I’m looking at you Smokey and the Bandit.


He won’t. If he is finally cornered with no way out he will just die of something and leave us all unsatisfied, and stuck with Pence.


A little something from Doctor Demento…


Thanks, Debbie Downer; now please go talk to someone else who’s actually interested in being pulled down into hopeless despair with you.

Do have a great day.


Exactly what I was thinking.
Smokey and the Bandit was about the limit of my journey into “big and stupid” 1970s films, Though I remember watching some of Roger Moore James Bond films and rolling my eyes at the same motifs.


Ah, said like a true Republican what with their well documented stances in favor of government intervention into business affairs.


Although Berlusconi hates being compared to Trump, it’s hard not to see similarities between the two.
With Berlusconi it seemed impossible that he would be convicted of anything, yet it happened:

If anything, Trump seems to be less careful about leaving potential evidence material.

He’s 10 years younger than Berlusconi, so I wouldn’t be so sure.



I never ever get stories like this

The people you are trying to blame are so disconnected from the issue that they won’t suffer in the slightest for it, there is no criminal penalty and no political penalty.

But it most certainly will cause lots of people to lose their jobs and suffer.

Not that they should have been hired in the first place but now look what the media has done.

It’s amazing how decades later there is still no absolute requirement to check everyone and criminal liability for employers.

You think if HR people were being arrested there would be a single undocumented immigrant ever hired anywhere?