Trump's properties routinely employed (and abused) undocumented Latinx workers, including dozens from a single Costa Rican town


Dozens of eyewitness reports?

Including police reports?

Fake news! Probably crisis actors. If those cops are so smart, why aren’t they rich? U! S! A!!! U! S! A!!! I can’t hear you!


it’s not that no companies face charges. it’s just that usually it’s a monetary fine, or a monetary settlement - so it’s just a cost of business. it costs less than paying workers well, so creating and exploiting a class of undocumented workers remains idea.

and it’s another reason so many companies use contractors and temp agencies for jobs like cleaning, receiving, or animal slaughtering - it’s easy to buffer the main company from litigation.


There are penalties for failing to follow the law, as the case below demonstrates. I think the point in Trump’s case is to make the perpetrators suffer in the court of public opinion, especially among those who don’t believe they are hypocrites.


That sounds… totalitarian.

The angle I see on this* is the rank hypocrisy. E-Verify is evil though, and should always be resisted.

*Also, that this is yet another data point that we desperately need an ample guest worker program.


Grotesque exploitation of workers is Trump’s signature style. Let’s face it - he loves not paying people for their work so much that if he could get away with it, he’d make use of literal slaves. It wouldn’t bother him in the least.
Now that I think about it, we should probably be scrutinizing his workforce, especially in countries with even more lax labor law enforcement, to be sure he isn’t using actual slaves. I wouldn’t be surprised.

I think being president means he can’t escape the consequences (entirely) anymore. Finally he’s been scrutinized, at multiple levels, so he can’t pardon his way out of it.
I don’t think he’ll ever face real justice for everything he’s done (that would be impossible, probably), but he’ll face consequences nasty enough that he really, really won’t like them.


They had a long way to go and a short time to get there, and amphetamines and cocaine.


Mr Trump, build a wall around your HR dpt!

If that is proven to work - meaning you cease & desist in the employment of so-called undocumented immigrants - then maybe we can talk…




Throw in some weed and wine and I’ll be Willin’.


Don’t go after dRumpf, go after the organization. Get as many criminal and civil judgements against the dRumpf companies as possible and fine them into oblivion. That’s what will hurt the evil daddy and his feckless offspring as much as possible - watching his money and empire dissolve before his eyes.



Surprised not surprised.




Have you driven every kind of rig that’s ever been maa-ade?


“, including dozens from a single Costa Rican town”

That makes sense if you prefer workers who have a “certain look”; I’ve met Costa Ricans who look Dutch:


Undocumented immigrants are still legally entitled to employment protections against unfair wages, wage theft and unsafe working conditions. Of course they are unable to persue them, being incredibly vulnerable with aggressive immigration enforcement, especially the kind Trump has been whipping up. Ironically the best “cure” to the undoc “problem” is firm worker protections. I would love to see a pro-bono class-action lawsuit where all these people sue for back wages and damages for unsafe conditions. Straight up immigrants v. Trump. How delicious an end to Trump would that be…


You know, I’d be satisfied with that.

I’d prefer that he and Pence die in some sort of “mutual fisting gone awry” accident, then an actual orange orangutan is put into office. Yeah, we’d probably have an equivalent level of functionality, but at least it wouldn’t be a malicious sort of dysfunction.

But unless that happens, I’m ok with your scenario.


The only totally appropriate comeuppance for said Muthafucker would be for him to have a total and complete recognition of his crimes replete with the Mother of a Bombs of absolute empathy erupting in that orange pustule on his neck. There would be an orange EPA supersite cleanup through the next 20 election cycles…and should it employ only trump supporters at the same wage level he paid undocumented folks. Them send them back to their enclaves with no federal bennies…


I really want to see the NYPD seize Trump Tower under civil forfeiture as the proceeds of criminal enterprise. I think that would finally do what the Big Macs and shakes have been working towards and cause his heart and/or brain to explode.

If Florida were to do the same to Mar-A-Lago, that would push him even further, but that looks like a much less likely scenario (a much higher bar to clear in terms of standard of proof) according to Wikipedia’s article on civil forfeiture


Nothing matters to the GOP except staying in power. If this story applied to a Democrat Fox News would be on it 24-7 for weeks like Benghazi or those “butter emails” of Hillary. The so called “liberal media” needs to borrow that tactic from Fox News’ playbook, instead they get sucked into talking about “the wall” all the time.


I want his living brain to be preserved in a nutrient-rich jar for a thousand years, unable to interact with the outside world but forced to watch news feeds through its still-connected optic nerves as the world first turns on him, then dismantles his legacy, then forgets him entirely.


Also every year we hold a lottery to see who gets to pee in the jar.