Russia's richest invested about $100 million in Trump Florida properties


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What I don’t get is the crowd completely unwilling to accept any Russian influence on the election, but eternally crowing about Clinton’s pay for play.


Return of investment. Pretty simple.


Crooked Hillary! While Trump is… erm… wait, I lost my point.




I do think this is a non-story. Russians are anxious to invest abroad outside the reach of their government. Surely the focus needs to be on actual wrongdoing, not stuff that can be dismissed as trivial?


Yeah. 63 out of 2044 units. Proably reasonable for exfiltrated income. Who owns the LLCs is speculation for now.



Trump Palace?
Trump Royale?

Who is he kidding?

Can I get a Trump Royale with cheese?


Here’s a good read about Trump’s tower in Panama. Some of our friends are unwilling part owners in a condo there, and were victims of Trump’s business practices. I don’t know why stuff like this wasn’t a bigger deal during the election, and now.



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