Trump Org. planned to give Vladimir Putin $50 Million penthouse in Trump Tower Moscow


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As if Putin would ever sleep in a Trump property after seeing what Donald does to the mattresses.


Well, didn’t russian money laundered thru Dbank prop up the huge money losing drumpf real estate ‘empire’? So actually that was Vladdy-boy’s money all along. I can’t wait to hear how the trumpologists spin this one.

‘He’s playing 4th dimensional checkers, errr I mean chess!’

‘This is totally normal, this is fine’

'‘See, not as bad as peepee tape! all good’


A free $50 million penthouse? You know what? I wanna be an oligarch. How does one get that job? I mean, who do I have to kill to. . . ohhhhhhh. . . .


I’m sure Qanon will play a part in their explanation.




Mi casa es tu casa


You give me a country, i give you a penthouse, we all be happy family, yes?


Isn’t Trump’s condo-building business model inappropriate for Moscow and Moscow’s oligarch-kleptocrats?

After all, the whole point of these expensive condos is laundering your ill-gotten Russian rubles out of the country and parking it in real estate. You don’t even ever set foot it in the purchased condo. It just sits there, possibly appreciating in value, possibly rented out (if you bother), and when you sell it, you have laundered money in the stable currency of that foreign country.

If you sell a condo in Moscow you bought with volatile, stolen rubles, you get: rubles, possibly traceable back to the source of their theft.


It’s going to be: "He didn’t do it, but if he did do it, it’s just demonstrating what a great businessman Trump is."

The brazenness of it will overshadow the illegality. Reminds me of Oliver North, when he was paying off Iran to release hostages in Lebanon, selling them weapons, then using the profits to fund Nicaraguan contras. His defense: "I think it was a neat idea."



I dunno. He could just flip the mattress…to Steve Scott Pruitt for a ridiculously large amount of cash.

ETA. corrected name. Cheers, Jerwin.


I have strong feelings about how well this strategy works. He’ll just do a 60 minutes interview and say, “The fake news is saying that I offered Putin a $50M suite in a hotel in exchange for his help winning the election. That’s just how smart people do business.”


Or gold bars…


scott pruitt?


Dammit. I guess my knowledge of high-profile used-mattress-aficionados isn’t as good as I thought.
Thanks for the heads up.


BFD. Jimmy Carter has been building houses for people for decades. /s


Sure… he’s still doing it. I’m not sure why you feel the need to mock him for it.


Don’t know if T’s /s was already there when you replied . . .


I saw it, but still…