Trump Soho, funded by mobbed-up Russians, is taking Trump's name off the door

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I have head it suggested that the entrance of the Holland tunnel might be a subpar choice for locating your luxury hotel.


You know you’re not in a good spot when even russian criminals think your name draws way too much attention to their crooked activities


Makes it easier to transport the bodies off to Jersey for disposal.

It’s probably not going to come out until decades after the piece of filth is dead, but it is virtually guaranteed Trump has major ties to organized crime. He’s a real estate con artist from New jersey.


His mafia ties 'killed his casino project in Australia 30 years ago.

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Agreed that Trump almost certainly has business ties, if nothing else, with organized crime. But he’s from Queens, not NJ.


There needs to be more careful oversight of presidential candidates.

He sits right there with Duterte.

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