'I will get Putin on this… we will get Donald elected,' emailed Trump's Mafia-linked ally Felix Sater in 2015


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All one can do is…



“…but I repeat myself.”


It’s a goddamned ceaseless torrent of unbelievable-but-true dumbfuckery.

I am unable to can.


but her emails…



At least it’s organised crime. The Democrats are practically useless at ensuring that the federal government works seamlessly with large scale criminal enterprises that have proper organisation. Weak. Losers.


I predict that Republicans will merely shrug at this, too. Just like they’ve collectively shrugged every other time that new damning information has surfaced about Trump.

At this point, they’re not even pretending.


I don’t want Mueller to hurry, I want him to get an air-tight case, and I also want Trump to reveal some more just how inept he is, so then it won’t be so painful to the dumb-ass throngs of Trumpistan who still support him.


Too well written for a Trump tweet although the gist fits.


Russia? Say it isn’t so!


Can we get through a week without this scumbag tRump selling out the USA?

Asking for a friend…


Heard and understood; I just hope there’s something left to save by that point.


Wait, wait.

Trump barely knows Felix Sater and would be hard-pressed to recognize him if he walked into the room.

It must be true; the Preening Papaya said so himself:


yeah but benghazi tho


Reality does look like that now doesn’t it – all wobbly, distorted, and weird. Yeesh.


If you haven’t seen this expose on Sater et al, check it out:


I… (looks around), I think we are good… with that… I think we have enough ineptness now. You can stop now, or anytime really, Now would be good.


If ineptness was a dead horse…



Ooh; so stealing that gif for future use…