Donald Trump picked business adviser convicted in “major Mafia-linked stock fraud scheme”

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“Portions of Trump’s relationship with Felix Sater, a convicted felon and government informant”

So, both a weasel and a rat…


Two scumbags scum bagging together, nothing new there.


Billionaire hires shady individual as a business adviser! News at 11!


But this is not news. It was reported weeks ago.

If you think THAT’S a scandalous association, I heard that Obama went to a church where a pastor once said something that made some white people feel uncomfortable.


White people are only mutant black people.

that makes a lot of sense, because donald trump really does look like a member of the brotherhood of evil mutants.

It’s a bit more complicated than that. White people have a bit of Neanderthal ancestry, and in any case I think that the common ancestor of both black and white people was brown. [edit - it is not mutation but selection; there are many genes for skin and hair color and so a full range can be obtained from the existing gene pool, which is how white skin was able to appear in just a few thousand years.]

It would be a cheap shot and beneath my dignity to suggest that in Trump’s case a bit of orang-utan seems to have entered the mix, because orang-utans can’t sue for libel. (I’m alluding to his threat display aimed at that partly disabled reporter.)


A friendly reminder that Trump’s businesses have been linked to organized crime since the start.

IMHO, that’s one of the real dangers of this fuckwit ever holding public office. He used mob union influence to abuse polish immigrant workers to build Trump Tower out of mafia-supplied concrete - just think of how atrocious it would be if he ever broke ground on building that Yuuuge Wall that Mexico is going to pay for.


The cases before the UN and the WTO would be entertaining, though.

The fact is that requiring Mexico to pay to build a wall and then charging over the odds for the job is precisely Mafia SOP - in the US and in Italy. So you could say that Trump has openly identified himself with Mafia methods. Or that he simply doesn’t recognise that this is not normal business or commercial behaviour.
No, Trump doesn’t worry me. But his supporters do because they present such a strong argument against democracy, one put forward as early as Athenian limited democracy - that hoi polloi, not being educated, will be taken in by demagogues trained in rhetoric.

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That Mexico joke gets me every time.

Which part are you saying is the joke ?

That Mexico will pay for it.

I’ve no doubt that in the fantastical Trump presidency, a wall is erected. To get the Mexicans to pay for it would have to involve a “Ransom of Red Chief”-type plot.

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