Trump Department of Labor pick is a foreign labor exec who's brought "over 40,000" cheap workers to the USA


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Let’s elect Trump, what could possibly go wrong.

I really need to just keep this gif ready in a pinned tab.


It should be the first thing you see whenever Drumpf or his lackeys are mentioned.


tRump you piece of shit!

Needless to say, that isn’t America First. YA THINK!


Maybe it takes someone who has abused the system to understand how to fix it?

Or it is just another chance to stick a corporate crony into a sweet position so as to further consolidate control of capital.


Think the name Birkenstock is enough to get liberal buy in?




You don’t just have it set to auto-post whenever a new topic with “Trump” in the title drops?


Honestly, the BBS should be updated to use some machine learning to start the thread with a meme or two. I imagine it would quickly learn to use this gif for everything trump.


Take that Trumpseketeers!

And 'um… everybody else.


He’s going to need to import a lot of Mexicans to fill all those jobs the Mexicans formerly held.


Unless his mass deportation plans end up being walked back as well, you might just be on to something.

Going to be a lot of paperwork involved in imprisoning or expelling the off-the-books-but-open-secret cheap immigrants and replacing them with economically equivalent H-2Bs. Probably plenty of opportunity for ensuring that…cooperative…individuals and companies are first in line to obtain attractively priced indentured servants as well; as befits a truly competitive free market.


How long until his supporters revolt and go after him?


So… she is pro immigration? Wait, what? They took our jerbs? Or… or is it, keep it in America? Oh… man I am just so confused.

On the bright side, more women in gov and my ex’s new boss.


Wait till they loose their homes and realize the only worth/wealth they have is simply debt.This is how the bad sort of revolution starts.


At this point, his actions are so opposed to his words I’m feeling optimistic!

I’m expecting him to grant automatic citizenship to Mexican immigrants, take in one million Muslim refugees and plans for complete nuclear disarmament any day now!


Feed the birds,

all it takes is Trump-Pence from you!


Maybe he’s not so much trying to drain the swamp as he is trying to flush it.


About the same amount of time it took the mindless followers of other lying fascists to overthrow them.

(Hint: This almost never happens, fascists get taken down by the armies of opposing countries, not their own countrymen.)


By “flush” I think you might mean “simultaneously gargle and receive an enema by way of the old swamp water.”