Attention "Illegals" - Report for Deportation

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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH all “Illegals” are directed to report to their local Deportation Center, for their necessary and just expulsion from the USA.


Here’s what I wonder. If Trump wins and all of the “illegals” are deported, who is going to pick the crops or do the other jobs that “illegals” usually do? I heard that when Alabama passed that stupid law that said that people had to present papers to show they were legal, farmers suddenly had a hard time getting their crops in cause they couldn’t find anyone to pick them.

Old link so I don’t know how accurate it is now:


Just found this as well:


I hope this is effective immediately!


Hopefully the US citizens that voted for tRump.


Wouldn’t it be more fitting to see some of these “illegals” deported to the countries of workers they’ve hired?

Especially when the “illegals” have criticized the countries of origin of some of their own workers.


I gave my phone a high five.


That’s the finny thing. In those articles I posted, the people that wanted the “illegals” gone refuse to do the work cause it’s “beneath them” and “doesn’t pay enough”.

Critical thinking skills seem to be lacking in tRump supporters…

could be funny as well as finny!




In “Trumps America” there will be no “doesn’t pay enough.”


Here’s the thing: illegals are bad for business. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m for fighting illegal immigration by making legal immigration easy and painless and, most importantly, transparent. Right now it is a years-long nightmare of bureaucracy that’s soul-wracking to endure if you have plenty of privilege, let alone for a farm worker. Immigration is fine.

No, the reason illegals (as opposed to people from Mexico who came to the US nice and legaly) are bad is because they can be mistreated more easily. One form of mistreatment is social isolation (meaning they can’t unionize properly) and another are extremely low wages. They can afford[1] to work for bad wages because going back home, where what they earn is (barely) worth enough, is worthwhile if there’s sufficient despair. A higher income version of that also exists with, say, tech jobs.

American business, therefore, gets addicted to this cheap labor and sets up a business model which only ever works if the labor is incredibly cheap[2] which means altering it is ruinous. This results in low employment and stagnating wages for those that do find employ (aside in a few privileged professions) leading to low aggregate demand leading to, ah, what’s the term of art? Jobless recoveries. That’s the one. This low aggregate demand is propped up using cheap credit and artificially depressed price of oil (Over $5 in Europe which is probably still not enough to offset the hidden ecological cost), to the general ruin of us all eventually.

Quitting it cold turkey will tank the economy. Quitting it piecemeal will ruin whoever starts it first (thus making for abundant incentive not to be first). Qutting it under a planned program is impossible because anyone suggesting it will be branded a Stalinist/Racist/Both depending on their political flavoring.

Solution? Hell if I know.

[1] And, seeing as I’m from a poor country too, I can afford for that matter.
[2] Of course, most of this cheap labor is actually abroad via NAFTA and such.


It’s hard work. It doesn’t pay a lot. And it’s hard to have a permanent residence because you can’t just live in one place and pick crops near where you live; you have to move around. Agricultural workers absolutely should make more money, but what does that do to the price of food? Honestly my dual-income household would be all right, but what about the people who already have a hard time getting by? I don’t know what the answer is either :frowning2:


Out of the park!!!

Despite what the tRumpians and Randians and Tea Baggers believe, there are no easy fixes for the issues we face. The one thing I do know is that it’s better we work together than try to go it alone, but that kind of thinking makes me a “SOCIALIST KENYAN MOOSILM!!” in the state I live in so it’s almost a lost cause.

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