Illegals Pose Public Safety Threat!


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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH the Trump administration warns the public about crimes committed by those who have defied immigration laws.


pretty sure that line is: harm or otherwise kill

… ah, here it is - 0:42 to 0:46


Well, I always believed that if a party was serious about stopping illegal immigration, they’d go after the companies that hire them. It’s easier to target a couple thousand businesses and hit them with punishing fines and jail time for the owners than it is to try and round up 11 million plus souls hiding within the population. But the GOP, our party of “stop illegal immigration” continues to scale back work site visits and enforcement and is now in favor of giving lucrative contracts to the Haliburton’s and Bechtel’s of the world to build a wall that won’t do jack or shit, but will look like a wonderful eye sore on our southern border.


This was pre-9/11, but I worked on a contract for the Department of Justice. I worked with the company that created and maintained the database that was used to store all the records of illegal aliens who were in the court system. Because of our work, I learned a bit about the legal system around illegal immigration. Again, things might have changed, but for the most part no one cared about people who were here illegally going about their business. It was the people who committed crimes that people worried about. As long as you stayed out of trouble with the law, most people were not going to be bothered. There was a group that went after employment law violators, but there were very few arrests in that group compared to the other areas of illegal activity.


They just want to use it to rile up their racist voters. They have no real desire to fix the problem since they love cheap labor they don’t have to give health care to or pay taxes on.


But I just read on my aunt’s Facebook feed that dogs owned by illegal immigrants get better healthcare the the children of four star generals!


It’s funny because it’s true!

As the pro-business, anti-organized labor party, they of course have no interest in stopping the flow of undocumented workers. That would be hostile to business interests! They’re quite happy to make the lives of undocumented immigrants unsettled and uncertain, because that helps depress their wages and plays to the racist base, but they never actually do anything serious about stopping people from being - and working - here.


What I’ve been seeing on my Facebook feed lately from the few Trump supporters I’m friends with is cheering for the Muslim ban (that, of course, they say isn’t a Muslim ban) because it shows he’s doing something about illegal immigration. The complete lack of any critical reasoning skills whatsoever amongst Trump voters just astounds me. The really scary part about that is that really, no matter what he does or how bad things get, most of these people are going to continue to believe that Trump is doing great things. Because he says he is, and he tells it like it is.


Hey, give the wall credit: It will impede the migration and mating of wildlife, including an estimated 111 endangered species.


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