Leaks reveal that disgraced, hacked surveillance company wrote Republican Congressman's border security talking-points

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Because of course. Almost everything that’s happening can be tied back to one or more corporations buying political influence to sell their shitty products to our government by convincing the GOP to stoke unwarranted fear. Thank you SCOTUS for allowing unlimited money in the political system, it’s working out soooooo fucking well.


In fairness there is blame to go around.


Let’s be honest.

Our Immigration policies are not about solving problems; they’re about maintaining the money-and-power relationships that were created to maintain – in every sense of the word – the problem.

If you want to stop undocumented people coming to America, you don’t need a wall, you don’t need drones, you don’t need troops.

All you need to do is make it a felony to hire, pay or rent to an undocumented person. Penalties include forfeiture of all assets, personal and corporate. E-verify to determine if someone has a real SSN and citizenship takes five minutes, and if you can’t take five minutes to be sure you’re employing a citizen, you should be in jail.

Instead, we have fear and money being flushed away on private prisons and wall construction and horseshit like this. Which does nothing to stop undocumented people living and working here.

And for anyone who says “It’s against human rights to ask someone if the state says they can be employed or run a background check!” try the following thought-experiment:

– Fly to England.
– Apply for a Job
– Do well in interview
– Be asked to accept position
– Say Yes
– Be asked if you can legally work in the UK
– Tell them they don’t have the right to impose on you by asking that question
– Enjoy being thrown out of the building.


Once again color me not surprised that this obviously overtly evil shit is directly tied back to a republican in Congress.

It’s like they’re just jumping over each other trying to find a quicker way to get into hell

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