Now that they know the NSA is spying on them, Congress is really worried about domestic surviellance

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So happy to hear this! Welcome, honorable members of Congress, to the mess you created.


Call me when Feinstein is on board.


Yay! Comments work on this post (unlike the orig Hoekstra/NSA post)…now I can remind Cory that dear ol’ Pete hasn’t held elective office since 2011 (so, two reasons to say, “yay!”)

Let’s give the Congress-critters what they want – put a clearly marked “Good Guys Only Back Door” on https and see how much they – and their voter base – like it…

Hopefully things will change to scale back domestic spying on everyone. Not just scale back domestic spying on the elite.


I was relatively happy to be living in a country where the political classes weren’t too dumb to realise that they were probably being ‘monitored’ by their own state. After all, we had the guys who’d written 1984 and tinker tailor and stuff. So it’s a bit sad to see that only now are the UK’s MPs making a fuss.

I now console myself with the thought that they aren’t really that stupid but instead believe they must put on an act, high in dudgeon, because they think the rest of us are.

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And f@#$ing Feinstein who never met any State Surveillance she didn’t like until she got a whiff they might have spied on her and went nuclear. Plus since she’s a D and the R’s here self-destructed even earlier we can’t vote her out.


imagine the high and jinks when the internet of things knows when doors
and windows are open and or closed

gander, meet goose.


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