Trump's pick for federal wage watchdog stiffed her house-cleaners


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Wow it doesn’t stop … it looks like the entire US administration was hired by “The Onion” to produce an endless stream of hilarious content. Best thing: it’s just the start, there’s 7.5 years to go.


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Ahh, a new poster child for being an asshole, and a TGOP stooge too.


I hope not, I don’t have enough room on my Wall Of Shame anymore.


Roger That! I’m using the ceiling nowadays.


Can’t go that far…having that much stupid overhead would affect my brain.


Stiffs her workers? Manipulates the truth to get her way?
Sounds like the perfect candidate for a Trump administration peon.



She would be a wage watchdog in the sense that she would make sure wages didn’t escape employers’ accounts.


Government as bad as Trump’s doesn’t happen by accident. You can’t just buttonhole people on the street and find the level of awfulness and incompetence that they consistently maintain. You’ve got to put some effort into it.


Might be prudent to switch from posters to wallet-size.


Birds of a feather. Drumpf is infamous for shafting his employees and people he contracts with, refusing to pay his legal debts. Of course he’s going to pick someone like himself.


It bears remembering this is not a feature of Trumpism, but of Republicanism. Remember “heck of a job” Brownie? It is an article of faith for them that government is useless and incompetent - and guess how they prove it?


Trump Appoints Dingo as Head of Child Protective Services


Oh, FFS. No one has ever had a dispute with a contractor? The odds that any house cleaning employee was out even a nickel is zero since any company like that is going to be on 30 days net or something. And, lo and behold, the owner of the Company doesn’t even want to talk about it any more, now that she’s been paid.

"Laurie Titus of Sunflower Cleaning Group stated in her suit that Stanton failed to pay for four house cleaning visits, at $90 each.

“I have emailed, mailed, and certified mailed trying to get payment,” the lawsuit said.

Shortly after filing suit, Titus notified the court that Stanton finally had paid the company. Reached by phone, Titus said she didn’t want to comment on former clients."



A person shouldn’t need to resort to certified mail to get a homeowner to pay their bill. Letting four house cleanings slide by without a single payment speaks volumes. We’re talking about house cleaning, not an office building.


I think you misspelled worst thing.


Forcing a contractor to open legal proceedings in order to get paid for services rendered is not normal, no. (Unless you’re Trump.)