Trump's pick for federal wage watchdog stiffed her house-cleaners


3.5, at most. ‘Harbingers’ can go kick rocks.


I’d be inclined to agree. I think that even without the scandals, the Trump administration has been inept enough that there might be some GOP members who are willing to refuse to back him for a second term on the grounds that he’s just can’t get anything productive done. Because, again scandals aside, he just haven’t. This administration is consistently incoherent on pretty much every major issue that the GOP wishes to address, from health care right on down to foreign policy.


I concur; although impeachment may not happen, I still don’t foresee 45 making it through an entire 4 years, yet alone a reelection.

At the very least, his physical health is unlikely to hold up, on top of all the scandals and incompetent fuckups.

I can be as cynical as the most gleefully pessimistic doomsday troll here on the BBS (and heaven knows, there’s more than a few contenders for that title) but I still believe in gravity; what goes up must come down. No matter how far out the pendulum swings, eventually, it’s gotta swing back in.


Mmmm, bodyshaming!

/not s


It was actually an oblique reference to the “fox in every hen house” catch-phrase.

Guess I gots to work on my delivery! :pensive:


I sure hope Trump’s First Law of Incompetence is well proven in the months and years to come that’s for damn sure.


I caught your meaning, and thought about throwing in my two cents regarding making assumptions willy-nilly, but then I figured you could handle it yourself…

Glad I wasn’t wrong.


If the Trumps are in power that long, I’m pretty sure Queen Ivanka would be furious with your suggestion she could be voted out of office.


In Stanton’s new role, she’ll be in charge of helping people who get stiffed by their bosses.


No argument. I think (I hope) we are seeing the apotheosis of the practice here.


Not paying for one visit? Maybe that’s a dispute with a contractor. Four visits? That’s deliberately abusive.

The odds that if the contractor didn’t get paid, the employee didn’t get paid either? This is America, and low-end jobs. They’re pretty high, unfortunately.


On the bright side, we’re getting a rare experience of what life is like in DC comics’ Bizarro World.


Money makes it a ratchet, not a pendulum. :worried:


Oh great, Roko’s Basilisk for the Trump era.


*whine* But it’s not as fun as gloating.


I’ve never been sued by anyone for not paying them after they render services for me. I expect people who are actually well off can afford to have someone pay their bills for them in a timely fashion.


Not having access to Bizarro World, Trump is doing the best he can.

Me am liking this very much!

  • I have been sued for not paying someone who provided me a good or service in my personal life.
  • I have not been sued for not paying someone who provided me a good or service in my personal life.

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You must have missed today’s headline. Trump said the last 5 months were the most productive in the history of any president.


Trumpism is a special, extreme case, though. The nature of the Trump administration, with its extreme dysfunction, scandal and political taint (anyone working in this admin is going to have a cloud over them the rest of their career) means it has a self-filtering effect. No sane, competent person* would willingly work there.
*Or to lower the bar, even someone considered sane and competent by Republican standards.