Trump's pick to lead Treasury tried to kick woman out of her house over 27 cents


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That’s exactly the reason tRump hired him.


If they needed the money that badly, they could have just steamed the stamp off the envelope and reused it.


That old lady is like a living Randian villain.


I was going to say “Stop singing his praises!! Trump does’t need any more convincing, he’s already given the guy the job!!!” It’s all icing on the cake at this point.

Besides, kicking old ladies out of their homes is pretty small-time stuff compared to the opportunities he’ll be given as part of the Trump administration.


I’ve refused to do business with Citibank since a ~$90 issue with my Shell gas card over 10 years ago. I will carry the grudge for Ms. Lofton - I don’t think she’ll be able to carry it much longer. I hope she is still with us and still in her house.


Mnuchin goes after the moochers.

They’re just going to just love this guy down in red state disability country.


Let’s face it, if this administration is anything like the last time the R’s held all three branches of government… well let me refresh your memory about 15-16 years ago boys and girls.

After a contentious contested election, within 6 months the place where I live was enduring rolling blackouts caused by Enron rightwing scammers. Complain to FERC, wha who what? Back to work prols! Tech Bubble continued to pop. We were hit with the worst attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor, we botched one war (ongoing) invaded the wrong country (ongoing really) and lost an American city to flooding and neglect. There was some monumental corruption along the way, flying death robots (ongoing) and the NSA listens to everything anyone does or something like that, but nothing to worry your pretty little head about. Then the real estate bubble popped and the dow went thru the shitter due to systemic flaws and our greatest virtue: greed.

So yeah, let’s give it a chance, tax cuts for the rich have worked so well in the past. /s


It like we are watching the country fall apart in slow motion.


Don’t worry… The pace will pick-up soon enough.


Swampier than a truck driver’s taint after a 16 hour day.


I’ll happily endure all that and more if store clerks have to stop saying Happy Holidays and gay people can’t get married anymore!


Did he show up at her house alone? /s

As bad as these actions are, this is click bait, Breitbart News Network would be proud.


I’m just happy to have survived 8 years of extreme Marxist dictatorship under the iron-fisted Islamic terrorist-antichrist Barack Hussein Obama.


C’mon…27 cents is 27 cents.

/s - just in case.


I take it you’re unfamiliar with the doctrine of command responsibility?


I would point out that so are most CEOs. It’s always some underlings’ fault.


I just want to thank you for running this.
Although it’s sad and tragic what Trumps picks have and are doing to people.
It’s important to get the data out there.

It’s also worth mentioning that the right pays very well for fake comments.
And by some of the comments I’ve read on Google+ where I read this.
The right is feeling very nervous.


Left Citibank behind ages ago after they had a union dispute with some workers, and have never regretted it yet. Now I bank with a small local bank of less than 10 branches, am saving money on fees and enjoying supporting people who at least don’t do shitty things with their company and my money.


Can we agree that his rapper name is “Steven 27-cent Mnuchin”?