Leaked doc shows Trump Treasury pick presided over the "widespread" theft of Americans' homes


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Still draining that swamp quite nicely I see.


Are the shareholders of a major corporation more important than the homeowners whose mortgages are part of the assets of that corporation?



On the one hand most of the people foreclosed on HAD intended to pledge the property as security on the loans that they WERE delinquent on. On the other hand, in many cases there was never any reasonable chance that they were capable of making the payments that they had agreed to. And the broker/bank/securitizer/servicer couldn’t be bothered to file the paperwork required to legally foreclose upon the property. So in many cases the servicer forged documents or hired others to forge documents. So one thing that really should have happened in the wake of the robosigning shitstorm was a mass round of disbarrments for all those lawyers who filed affidavits that they should have known were falsified.


I remember reading about these cases, where someone was being sued and they produced documents prepared after the fact to try to say they did everything correctly, and it came out the documents were forged, and… how in the hell did they not end up in prison? Perjury, forgery, contempt of court, and that’s all before you get to the underlying crime of theft of someone’s house that they are trying to justify with forged documents. Disbarments at the very least, but prison time ought to have been served.


The saddest part, as usual, will be watching #nextpresident’s supporters who lost their homes due to similar shady tactics making forelock-tugging excuses for this “Creature from the Black Lagoon” appointment.


Trump has already picked him!!! You don’t need to continue to sing his praises.

I guess this news will help solidify Rupublican support.


This is the bit that particularly pisses me off.


Seems like a criminal act to me. It also seems criminal that the next AG didn’t prosecute either.


I thought that Kamala Harris was meant to be one of the shining new progressive lights of the Democratic party.


I don’t really care about the partisan spin, just the facts.


On the contrary. America has a fine tradition of doubling down on the people who got them in their mess in the first place.


Steve Mnuchin = Vile Scumbag


But it’s not theft, if it’s systemic and it happens to poor people… it’s only theft if it happens to rich people… /s


Yes. I thought we knew that.


When you’ve got nothing, you’ve got nothing to lose get stolen.


Nope. I bet a lot of them won’t even notice, particularly if their chosen news source doesn’t bother to report it.


I don’t see the problem. This is exactly what we elected #nextpresident to do: put the Coastal Elites in their place, to hurt them. He’s hiring people with experience in the job, so he’s basically doing what his sponsors and fans constituents want him to do.


Maybe the plan all along was just to drain it of any remaining fresh water?