Teen listening to loud music doesn't hear tornado that literally blew over him


At least he didn’t miss out on a shootout at the UltiMart

Well add one more counter-example to “survival of the fittest” … he didn’t hear warning sirens either?

What kind of suicidal idiot would listen to loud music while doing yard work, amirite? TEENS, AMIRITE?

Come on, man, he was trying to drown out a lawnmower engine in an area that hadn’t seen a tornado in 31 years. That’s not stupid, that’s just bad luck.

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I have to wonder how many more people miss things while on the internet with their smartphones.

And if he couldn’t hear the tornado over the music, would he have heard it over the engine? Plus a lot of people wear ear protection when operating loud machinery, which would make it even tougher to hear.


Was he listening to the Scorpions “Rock You Like a Hurricane”?

He wasn’t smart enough to get out of mowing the lawn.


Like children drowning.

OK - I’ll own up to the fact that I didn’t think about ear protection. Drowning out the lawnmower engine is not such a good excuse, but protecting ears is.

I don’t have a real big area of lawn to mow, but I do listen to music with noise-cancelling ear buds. I think I would’ve noticed a tornado, though. There’s usually more than just the sound of it to warn you of impending doom.

I was devastated to learn that there wasn’t really a Doom arcade game. :frowning:

Colorado. What kind of grass did you say he was working on, again?

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