Teen stuck inside giant Barney dinosaur head is freed by firefighters


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Seems like very good timing for the release of that new horror movie.


Where do you even find a large fiberglass Barney head? And why would you keep it around? Well… for lulz obviously, but still…


It took a while because the firefighters had to stop several times from being overcome with laughter.


I didn’t realize Barney was still “a thing.”


Or the fifth of sixth (I lost count) iteration of a certain popular jump-scare-themed videogame.


I recall when I was little my friend’s brother getting his finger stuck in a whiffle-not-ball when we were up town shopping – stopped by the firehouse, and they had him cut out in a few minutes…


Wouldn’t it be easier to just enclose the rest of her body in a dinosaur suit?


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