Life-size animatronic T-Rex bursts into flames at dinosaur theme park


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What’s more exciting than getting to see a giant animatronic dinosaur?

Getting to see a giant animatronic FLAMING dinosaur.


He appears to have burst into flames from the general crotch area. See, that’s what happens when you feel a burning sensation in your crotch and don’t get it checked out right away!


Just because Godzilla can breathe fire doesn’t mean that any other giant lizard can do it without setting himself on fire.


Obviously it looks like it started from the fire in it’s loins!


Is it part of a promo for another Michael Bay movie?




Why, oh Lord, why?



I was expecting to see a bunch of half naked hipsters and tech bros dancing around it…


That and an inability to scratch.


Maybe that was the really sad true story behind the T-Rex scene in Fantasia.

“Someone please scratch my back!”


“Although the 24-foot-tall T-Rex is a big loss to the park, Reynold’s had a sense of humor about it”

Can you spell insurance? I knew ya could.



There’s no sign that they’re Creationists, so probably a sense of humor too.

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A repeatable flaming t-rex would be quite a draw.


Cold-blooded, my ass!


Honestly i wouldn’t even be mad. I would expect every place like this to end with a giant dinosaur effigy being burned down.




That is the metalest amusement park disaster evar!



Didjyou make that? 'Cause if you made that I want a subscription to you.